Some communities follow the step-by-step toolkit approach and use most of the resources. Other DFA communities pick and choose resources that best fit their needs. The time commitment for undertaking the effort will vary based on the approach your community takes and the resources available to support the effort. Listed below is a simplified version derived from the tool kit shared by Dementia Friendly America.

Phase 1: Convene

● Demonstrate the need for action in your community

● Identify key leaders to Champion the initiative

● Expand your Action Team; include people living with dementia

Phase 2: Engage

● Determine community gaps and strengths by engaging in outreach with

⚬ People living with dementia
⚬ Family and care partners
⚬ Stakeholders
⚬ Community Sectors

● Generate awareness

⚬ Social media
⚬ Community kick-off event
⚬ Local media outlets
⚬ Newsletter

Phase 3: Analyze

● Prioritize actions/objectives. Pick one or two realistic goals

● Draft a vision statement with consensus from the Action Team

● Create a work plan

Phase 4: Act

● Implement the action plan with clear expectation among Action Team

● Evaluate

● Share results with the community

● Keep going