Dementia Friendly Newtown

609-613-3966 (cell)

Newtown and surrounding areas are looking to rejuvenate and rebrand efforts to support people living with dementia in the community in and around Bucks County (currently known as Dementia Friendly Newtown). Power of community is key. We are looking to establish an action team to help champion the initiative. Creating change in a community can be accomplished with planning and having a team that works well together. We are in the planning stage to restart this group with success. The goal is to build a cross sector of community-based organizations and representatives from several community sectors including and not limited to first responders, health care workers, libraries, senior centers, faith communities, businesses like restaurants, home repair, and most importantly, people living with dementia and their care partners and/or care givers. Anyone in or around Bucks County, border of Bucks County and Montgomery County or border of Philadelphia and Bucks County contact Helene Cohen using the contact information provided to get involved.

Community Leads

Helene J Cohen