Dementia Friendly Greater Pittsburgh

Dementia-Friendly Greater Pittsburgh is a collaboration built to create awareness and engagement throughout the community about dementia and how we can support those living with dementia. We provide education, create opportunities for engagement and advocate for the needs of those living with dementias and their care partners.

Our efforts began as a result of our region’s launch of Age-Friendly Greater Pittsburgh’s Action Plan in October 2017. Two of the plan’s Action Items directly related to Dementia-Friendly Communities; Creating Dementia Friendly Conversations and Providing Dementia Friendly Trainings.

As part of our initial efforts, we surveyed professionals in the field of dementia care, care partners, those living with dementia and other community members to determine our community’s strength and areas for potential growth. As part of our efforts, we joined the Dementia Friendly America Network. This is a national network of communities seeking to ensure that communities across the United States are equipped to support those living with dementia and their care partners.

Our Vision: To make Greater Pittsburgh a region where those living with dementia and their care partners are able to live safe, engaged lives; where they are informed and included in the everyday life of their community.

Community Leads

Kim Maddox

UPMC Community Health Choices

Angela Kypriotis

Allegheny Health Network

Alicia Bisaha

Allegheny Health Network